• 1999 Living in God’s Embrace published by Ave Maria Press.
  • 2003 Loving in the Master's Footsteps published by Ave Maria Press
  • 2006 God's Embrace Renewal Centers formed as an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Ecclesial organization
  • 2008 Program launched in the Diocese of Grand Rapids,  Michigan
  • 2010 Program launched in the Diocese of Victoria, Texas
  • 2011 Understanding God in Our Lives published
  • 2013 Foundations & Profiles of Discipleship published

The mission of God's Embrace Ministries is to lead, instruct, mold, and hallow Catholic faithful into becoming ardent disciples of Jesus Christ. We seek to accelerate the appreciation of their Catholic faith, leading to a deeper personal relationship with the Blessed Trinity, and devoted service to God's covenant family  in diocesan and parish communities.


God’s Embrace is dedicated to make the call to holiness an attractive and appealing invitation from God to us, in our burdened and confused lives.


God’s Embrace embodies the spiritual disciplines and wisdom of our Catholic saints, mystics, and theologians, thus striving to offer the best in our Catholic heritage.


We offer formation programs geared toward facilitating the creation of ardent disciples who would glorify God through the witness of their lives and service of the Church. The program focuses on: (1) Familiarity with the Bible so that our spiritual formation is steeped in God’s revelation of Himself through Jesus Christ, and the Trinity's glorious plan of salvation for us.


Michael was a member of the Society of Jesus in India. At his request, Michael was laicized from the priesthood. Michael holds degrees in Philosophy, English Literature, Theology, and Counseling Psychology. He received a Doctorate in Ministry in 2009.


From 1996-1999, Michael was the Coordinator for Spiritual Formation at Saint Luke Institute, Silver Spring, Maryland. He created and executed the program for the Institute’s patients. From October 1999 through July 2013, Michael served as the Director of Spiritual Formation for the Diocese of Gaylord, Michigan.


Our Plan for the Future


(2)  The rich heritage of Catholic Spirituality offered to us through the desert Fathers and Mothers, the mystical writings of the Church Fathers on the Trinity and Church, the contemplative traditions of the great Monastic Orders, and the ineffable teachings of the likes of Saints Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. (3) That we know well the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The desired outcome is the living of our lives within the Trinitarian Embrace, inextricably linked to the divine life of the Trinity and to one another in Christ.


We offer Team-Based retreats, spiritual direction, directed retreats, and days of reflection. We have recently developed an institute for the formation of spiritual directors within the Diocese of Victoria .

From 1998 to the present, Michael continues to facilitate the spiritual formation of aspirants and candidates in the Diaconate Program for the Diocese of Victoria, Texas.


Michael and his wife, Cherrie, facilitate God's Embrace Ministries through an Institute to form Spiritual Directors, Weekend Retreats and several stand-alone Formation Programs in Catholic Spirituality. Along with the Guidebooks, Leader-Guides and Videos required for the formation programs of God's Embrace Ministries, Michael has also written Living in God's Embrace and Loving in the Master' s Footsteps.

  • 2014 Lead Me into the Deep, Lord, Instruct Me in Your Ways, Lord, Mold Me as Your Disciple, Lord, Hallow Me as Your Disciple, Lord published
  • 2015 Anoint Us in Your Covenant, Abba-Emmanuel and all accompanying Facilitator Notes  published
  • 2016 Team-Based Retreat introduced
  • 2016 Lead Me into the Deep, Lord receives Imprimatur from Bishop Brendan Cahill of the Diocese of Victoria Texas
  • 2016 God's Embrace partners with Fullness of Truth Evangelization Ministries
  • 2016 Shepherd Me into Your Kingdom, Lord receives Imprimatur from Bishop Brendan Cahill




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